phpHyphenator (Logo)1.5

The phpHyphenator is a PHP port of the JavaScript Hyphenator by Mathias Nater for automatic hyphenation in web pages using soft hyphens. It uses the same core functions and should be fully compatible with the concept of the hyphen patterns.

Why PHP Hyphenation?

The hyphenation algorithm needs large pattern files for doing the hyphenation and can slow down page loading. PHP instead is doing hyphenation directly on the server wihtout sending the pattern files to the client.

Even better: AJAX Hyphenation

Hyphenation with PHP only ist not very good usability / accessibility. Because of that the goal of this project is primarily doing hyphenation with AJAX – unobtrusive like JavaScript and lightweight like pure HTML ouput by PHP.

AJAX hyphenation is available as plugin for MoreCSS (JavaScript toolkit for designers based on CSS syntax). Live demo and installation instruction: MoreCSS Documentation: hyphenation